Emiscape: Projecting Lasting Impressions


Q & A

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Is Emiscape looking for strategic business partners?

Yes, Emiscape is seeking R&D, manufacturing, distribution and investment partners to bring its proprietary video display on glass technology to market.

The entertainment and advertising opportunity enabled by our technology make Emiscape an attractive opportunity.

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Is Emiscape looking for investors?

Yes, Emiscape is soliciting investment proposals for its first round of financing. Click here to Contact Emiscape.

Does Emmiscape have intellectual property protection?

Yes, we have filed for multiple patents covering various embodiments of the technology. Emiscape’s team is continually refining the core technology, developing related technologies, and seeking further intellectual property protection.

How much does Emiscape’s technology cost?

We estimate street pricing for Emiscape displays to be between $160 and $280 per square foot, comparable to pricing for LCD flat screen displays.

Pricing for Emiscape static Signage displays are estimated to be between US$65 and US$110 per square foot.

Does the Emiscape system work in bright light?

Yes, however the more ambient light is present, the brighter the projection must be. Accordingly, there can be a cost impact for outdoor systems designed for full daylight.

For extremely bright environments, Emiscape is designing a reflective display option that allows images to appear in broad daylight and even under direct sunlight.

Does your technology work on existing windows, or do the windows need to be replaced?

Emiscape’s technology will work on existing windows with the addition of a ready-to-apply adhesive film.

Emiscape is in the process of productizing several variants of our technology, including options to overlay on existing glass surfaces.

Who are your competitors?

Competing video display-on-glass products include Provnova’s HoloPro, SuperImaging’s TransPlay, DNP’s Holoscreen and Laser Magic’s TransScreen.

Emiscape’s technology is superior because it offers true One-Way Transparency, and eliminates the double or shadow images common in previous-generation systems.

The Emiscape transparent thin film display eliminates the need for a projector and is transparent from both sides when off.