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Sep. 2008
Emiscape Enlists University of Rochester to Refine Second Generation Prototype

Aug. 2008
Emiscape Files Sixth Patent for Intensity-Based One-Way Visible Display System

Apr. 2008
Emiscape Collaborates with Universal Display Corp to Build First Generation Prototype

Feb. 2008
Emiscape Creates Commercial Video Targeting Strategic Partners

Dec. 2007
Emiscape Files for a Fifth Patent for One-way Reflective Display

Jul. 2007
Emiscape files for a fourth patent for one-way display using color filters

Sep. 2006
Emiscape applies for a third patent on a new display technology in which sharp and bright video images appear on one side of a glass surface while the other side remains transparent.

Jul. 2006
Emiscape demonstrates one-way transparent display technology at Summer Search San Francisco.

Dec. 2005
Emiscape is founded in San Francisco to bring new display technology to market.